Note Properties

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The Properties of the Notes


Top Notes-Top notes are light, fresh and evaporate quickly. It is the first scent that you are aware of in a blend and it is the first scent to leave the blend. Most of the citrus essential oils fall into this group.


Middle Notes-Middle notes evaporate at a slower rate of speed and they are noted for adding stability to the top notes. The middle note is considered the body of the blend, and/or fragrance.


Bottom Notes-Bottom notes are slow to evaporate. The fragrances of these essential oils are rich and full body. When used in a blend, the bottom notes take awhile for the scent to emerge, but once they do, they can linger for a long time. Use essential oils from this category sparingly.


Bridge Notes-Unlike normal Aromatherapy blending, when using essential oils to make perfumes we add one additional category, the Bridge Notes. Essential oils that fall into this category include vanilla, litsea cubeba, lemongrass, ylang ylang and lavender..