About Essential Oils

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What makes Essential Oils so Great?


            Essential Oils are the Essence of the plant. Each plant has its own characteristics, personality, life force and energy (vibration). It is this essence that is the carrier of the plant’s energy.

            We have many instruments today that measure these energies and verify the high-frequency radial energy field. Kirlian photography is one way in which we can see the energy field that surrounds living organisms, including ourselves.

            In Aromatherapy, self-treatment is suitable for minor or short term problems, only. Always seek professional treatment for chronic or serious health problems. If a problem becomes severe or persistent, seek medical attention immediately.

            For those who use Homeopathy, there may be some essential oils that do not blend well with current homeopathic remedies. Some essential oils may cancel out the affects of certain remedies. Be sure to finish one course of treatment before beginning on another.

            Aromatherapy is compatible with conventional medicine and most other forms of holistic treatment. If you are currently taking medications, consult your doctor before treating yourself with essential oils.


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