Ways to Use Essential Oils

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Ways to Use Essential Oils

Application Methods

            Please remember that essential oils remain in the body for 20-90 minutes. Essential oils are naturally excreted from the body through exhalation, urine, and sweat. Below is a list of common uses for essential oils:

  • Inhalation, Room Diffusers, Room Sprays, Steam, cotton ball, sachets
  • Make cleaning supplies.
  • Topical Use: applying essential oils to the skin of the body such as in massage oil or lotions.
  • Salves-Using Golden Salve, Rescue Remedy Creams, etc., you can essential oils to the salve to use on specific areas of the body in need.
  • Compresses (hot or cold)-for speific needs and areas of the body.




Special Note: Essential oils are NOT for taking internally.