Planets and Oils

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Venus-For joy and happiness in Relationships


Combine the following ingredients together:


3 drops of Gardenia essential oil

1 drop of Rose essential oil

1 drop of Tuberose essential oil 1 drop of Yarrow essential oil

1 drop of Vetivert 1 drop of Freesia 1 drop of Vanilla

1 ounce of Sweet Almond Oil


     Place all the above ingredients in a glass container and shake before each use. Wear a drop of this blend behind each ear and on the inside of each wrist. Reapply throughout the day as needed.


     Place a drop of the blend on a yellow color candle. Sit and meditate as you visualize the yellow light energy fill your body, your room, and your life. See this yellow light energy fill you with peace, joy and happiness completely and effortlessly. Feel the energy as it enhances every cell and fiber of your being bringing contentment and fulfillment to your life.


     At night, add a few drops of the blend in your bath water and as you soak in your tub, visualize that you are one with Universe. Feel the presence of your spirit guides and angels. Know that you are not alone. See yourself surrounded by family and friends who love you and respect you. You are a yellow light in their lives. Wrap your arms around each and every one of them and fill them with this wonderful yellow light energy that you have. See them become filled with yellow light energy.