Oils for Pets

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Aromatherapy and your Pet

     Most people who use essential oils on themselves already know the benefits of using Aromatherapy. Unfortunately, some of these people feel that if it is safe and effective for them, it must be safe and effective for their children and pets. Not so.

     While dogs have been known to tolerate essential oils very well when used at 1/3 the normal human strength, other pets do not fare so well. In fact, using essential oils on other pets such as cats and birds may actually make them ill.

     Cats do not digest the essential oils like humans and dogs do so we must be very careful when even using essential oils in the home, especially if you are spraying the oils on carpets or even into the air. Doing this may be toxic for your cat. If you are in doubt whether the essential oils you are using in your home are making your cat sick, then please visit your pet’s veterinarian and ask them for advice. I have included a cat flea collar recipe in the Aroma~Care Aromatherapy for Pet book but I do not advocate that you use it without consulting your veterinarian first. There is much discussion even among Aromatherapists about what constitutes the right dosage, etc. Do some research on your own; your pets will be that much happier.

     One very important safety tip is NEVER to spray or use essential oils in, or around, your pets’ eyes or nose. And NEVER have your pet ingest the essential oils. Essential oils are to be used externally only!

     Dogs have a much more keen system of smell than humans do so it is very important to make sure you dilute their blends. While it is may not smell like much to you, I promise that it smells pretty potent to them.

     Essential oils have been most effective if the treatment of skin problems for dogs. These oils can also discourage fleas from making your dog’s nice coat of hair their new home.

     Recipes given in this booklet are for average sized dogs. If your dog is very small, like a Chihuahua, then use a little less of the  ingredients. If your pet is much larger, like a Great Dane, then double the recipe. You will need to judge into what size category your dog falls into.

     One benefit of using essential oils on your pet is that the natural oils will not harm the sheen of your pet’s coat, or dry your pet’s skin.